Two Sibling Print #1

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Please complete the details below separately for each print you wish to order. The details for each print will appear in your cart for review before checkout. If for any reason we need to alter the print from what is seen we will first email you a draft to discuss.

The Two Sibling Print #1 size is 50 x 70 cm.

Birth details will be printed in the following format:


1 Oct 2016 | 8:00am | 3000 grams | 53cm | Brisbane, QLD

Please note: frames are not included with your Two Sibling Print.

Paper Type * 

Background Colour * 

Print Style * 

Baby A Details

Please enter all details as per the format of the examples given below.

Baby B Details

Please enter all details as per the format of the examples given below.

Would you like the ‘@ ZERO’ displayed on your print? * 

This is displayed on standard Zero Print Styles. If you would like it removed please select ‘No’ below.

Baby A | Add a Crown

Please note that in some cases (due to baby height at birth) we will be unable to add the Crowns. If this is the case for you, we will contact you before we make your print.

We suggest only a white background when adding crowns.

For more on what each crown looks like, please see the galleries below.

Baby B | Add a Crown

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The Zero Print was created to provide an artistic and modern way to exhibit the details of one of the most important moments of any persons life. The moment that new life is born. The Zero moment.

The print captures all the important birth details and displays an illustration that represents your baby’s length at birth on a 1:1 scale.

The Zero Print is digitally drawn art created by our in house designer. The prints have also been developed with the design of your interior in mind. Choose from 6 illustrations (left or right facing) and 7 different backgrounds – we are sure you will find the perfect combination for your space!


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